Workouts to build a solid Upper Body

When it comes to fitness, anyone who likes to build a great physique understands the importance of building an upper body. Not only well-defined upper body looks amazing but a well-built upper body increases the strength level significantly. Building an upper body is not rocket science and anyone who applies the effective techniques in their workout routine can attain a well-defined upper body.

To begin with there are plenty of workouts one can follow to build the upper body and increase their strength significantly. However, no matter how excellent an exercise is, working out in a way that targets your entire body is usually beneficial. Most gym guys want to improve on muscle parts that are visible when they wear t-shirts and they look to improve on them and work out more often, such as arm muscles and forearms, which are frequently the things we desire to improve. And to build these muscle parts most of the guys choose isolation workouts and do many biceps curls or triceps extensions to achieve quick arms growth. But by doing so we neglect the importance of compound training and training other upper body parts such as lats muscles and shoulders. 

upper body strength workout

Because we have to move around a lot during the day, we all require an overall strength in our upper bodies. That is why it is important to strengthen your upper body as a whole and not just work your arms.

When it comes to targeting your upper body, compound training plays a crucial role and that not only applies to beginners but also applies to advance training. You have to move your body in such a way that your muscles are forced to work. Upper body strength workouts that are pivotal to gain size and strength at the same time are pullups, chin-ups, parallel bar dips, shoulder presses, bench presses, pushups, planks, barbell rows, etc. These are the fundamental compound exercises that should be part of an upper-body strength training routine.

upper body strength workout

Though compound training is imperative to build an impressive upper body and upper body strength in general, isolation workouts have their own importance which can add further definition and additional strength to the upper body. Isolation workouts can be done together with compound training on the same day or can be done on a separate day. Further, it can be done before or after compound training but when doing before compound training it should not be overdone otherwise you may not reap the full benefit of compound training.

upper body strength workout

When it comes to isolation workouts exercises like triceps extensions or skull crushers, barbell curls, dumbbell curls, rope press down, dumbbell kickbacks, etc. All these compound exercises and isolation exercises in conjunction get you the size and strength of the upper body.


Training the upper body is as important as training your lower body and by applying simple techniques and effective workouts an impressive upper body can be built along with increased strength in a short span of time. Which does not only improves the strength and the way you look but increases the overall fitness level as well.

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