Are Gyms Necessary For Workout

When it comes to selecting a gym for a workout, first you need to decide what’s your goals are, watching guys or girls hitting the gym on Instagram or YouTube may excite you and you decide to go to the gym and in a few months or even days, you start losing motivation and stop doing the workout. First of all, setting up a goal will help you to plan the workout session effectively and you have to ask questions yourself, whether you really need to go to the gym or you can perform it at your home. Especially if you are at beginner level, chances are you can achieve your fitness goal only by doing workouts at home, but a lot of it depends on what weights or equipment you have or you have to purchase that not only cost you less than a gym membership fee but also effective enough to get the job done. You can search out plenty of options available over the internet that can provide you the guidance to formulate a workout plan that can be done at home. But if you still feel the gym is the only answer for fitness and membership fee is not an issue at all, then you have to weigh the features and benefits of different gym facilities available in your vicinity and then need to have a walkthrough to see what equipment they have and what machines that you need to complete an effective workout especially if you have a short amount of time to complete a workout.

Treadmill inside gym

But when it comes to intermediate or especially advanced level workouts which require a certain amount of stimulus which is difficult to achieve at home then you should opt to go to the gym.

If your goal is weight loss there is a good chance you will prefer a treadmill or elliptical machine at first but what’s most important in the case of weight loss is how you plan your healthy meal and of course, workouts play their part too. But doing a treadmill or elliptical won’t be effective if you keep bulking up calories. For high-level athletes or sports like powerlifting or bodybuilding, a gym is a must-do thing.

Workout at Home

If you are someone who pays for a gym membership but frequently misses the workout session, then you need to decide whether you actually need the gym or not. If you finally decide that you can perform workouts at home which means, you don’t have to pay expensive gym membership fees then set out the possible workouts that you can perform at home to keep you in shape. First and foremost, you don’t need to purchase pricey equipment for a workout. In fact, it is always advisable to invest in that equipment only if you are going to use them frequently. Spending a lot of money on equipment won’t be a clever thing to do. However, when your workout requires then you should go for it.

Home workout

Workout equipment selection

This information in this para will be a suggestion of a few varieties of machines or equipment for exercise which might give you a good idea of what to look for when you visit a gym. But before you start training keep in mind that exercise also requires warm-up and cool-down. This is one of the most essential parts of training because having regular warmups before exercises may help improve overall mood and the body’s ability to cope with the workout stress. Also before jumping into a workout session choosing the gear that makes exercise easier for you is key as well.

Workout equipment

If you prefer to work out in the gym and looking to know what type of equipment or weights to choose then, it is better to choose moderate to heavier weights, if the goal is to pack on muscle and increase in size, but it also depends on genetics, for instance, if you have more slow-twitch muscle fibers then a lightweight training can do much better. If your goal is to maintain a fit physique then you may not need a gym facility at all as mentioned earlier.

Let’s assume you are a person who is looking to gain size and pack on muscle, then choosing equipment becomes imperative which could be a deciding factor in terms of the overall result. Modern-day gyms are packed with the machines and equipment you need to have an excellent workout session

Resistance band

When you have decided what’s your goal is in terms of the level of fitness you want to achieve, like if you want to do a light workout in order to maintain the physique and also avoid any unnecessary injury, then you can opt for lighter free weights, resistance band, and TRX systems. Most people prefer the heavier equipment for exercise even their genetics are not built for it. It is ok to have a heavyweight session to gain strength and take your body to uncharted territory but making it a persistent part of your workout routine could end up you getting injured because every body type is different and reacts differently to certain workouts. This is why it becomes very important to know your genes or what’s your body makeup is in order to choose the right workout routine, which will reap results for longevity and keep injury at bay.

Gym is a Necessity

If you are the kind of person who loves the gym session and never misses it. It means home workouts will not be enough to give you the dopamine effect and gyms sessions will become necessary to get that dopamine kick. Even in that case where you feel there is no way you will skip a gym, still, you have to plan the workout properly and pick the right form of equipment whether it’s free weights or machines, you have to be smart to choose the equipment wisely and not overburdening your body. The various machine nowadays in the gym has made life easier especially if you talk about intense exercises like squat which cannot only be grueling but can cause damage if you go heavy, this is where machine-like smith machines can be very helpful especially if you don’t have much experience with heavy lifts. It is necessary to know which type of machine you can utilize. Making a note or plan before you visit a gym can save your time thinking around in the gym about what equipment to use or what to skip.

Modern gym

You are more than likely to find many treadmills or elliptical machines. But don’t get overwhelmed by the hype that these machines have created. For instance, if you have to choose between an elliptical machine or treadmill over a straight sprint or jog in the park or open facility, you will rather go for an elliptical or treadmill but think about investing zero dollars and get effective sprinting session can yield more healthy results overall.


When it comes to choosing a gym, knowing your current physique level and overall fitness goal is essential which can give a clear idea, whether the gym is necessary to achieve your fitness goal or not. If it is necessary then which gym in the locality will be best suited in terms of gym cost and availability of the particular machines or equipment to achieve the desired result.

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